Thursday, June 28, 2012

married lonely girl cheating sex story

I had transferred to another University for a Spring semester and I really didnt know a lot of people yet. One day I went to the library to study and I noticed a younger blonde sitting there and I waved to her and she smiled back. Same thing the next couple of days and then at the end of the week I saw that she seemed very upset. Being a gentleman I went over and asked if she was ok and did she mind if I sat with her. She said she was upset and started crying. I told her to calm down and tell me what was wrong. She said that her husband, who had just graduated the spring before, wasnt home much and then told her that he had just taken a job that would keep away him from home for another six weeks. She said while he made great money that she was alone because they had married right after she got out of High School and moved to that city. After a while she calmed down and I asked if I could walk her home to help her calm down. She thanked me since it was dark. We walked to her house and just as we got there it started raining. She said to come in so I went in and then a big storm hit and said she hated storms and asked me to stay for a while. She fixed us a snack and we ate and visited and she said that she was very lonely and needed a man. I said to remember she was married and she said "in name only.
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I said ok and she stood up and unbuttoned her shirt and showed me a pair of tits like I had never seen before. She straddled me and kissed me and I started licking and sucking her tits and she began moaning. She reached and pulled my shirt over my head and started pinching my nipples which drives me nuts. She had on a miniskirt and I reached under it and found she had no panties so I started rubbing her pussy. She raised up and said bedroom and fast. We went in the bedroom and she dropped her skirt and bent over the bed and said from behind and fast. I got out of my pants and lined up and my missle hit the target on the first shot. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit while I pumped hard and fast. She screamed and I said I am cumming and she said "In me". I filled her full and collapsed on top of her. My cock never really softened and I started fucking her again and she said she wanted on top so we got on the bed and she climbed on and moaned and rode me slowly. I flicked her clit and she came and all of our built fluids flowed out. I soon shot another load in her. She got off and caught her breath and soon started licking and sucking my cock and I got hard again. She said in my ass so I slowly entered her nice ass and then picked up my speed and I was ready to fill her ass with sperm so I shot in there. Since it was a Friday nite I stayed there and had some morning pussy as well. I was lucky and got to fuck this young girl a lot that semester. At the end of the semester she decided that she needed to move where her hubby worked and did so. I saw her years later at a school reunion and she looked just as good and she invited me back to hotel room. I couldnt go three times that night but I made the most out of my two times then. Turns out she was still married to the same guy who had made millions of dollars. She had five kids and said that the only time he fucked her was to make babies. She said it was all worth it.

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