Saturday, June 23, 2012

hot lesbian sex story

okay so my girlfriend sexted me a picture of her in a pushup bra (yes we’re of legal age and all) and sent a text saying “tis is waiting for you if you come over.” so of course I drive over as fast as I could and as soon as I knocked on the door she opens it and pins me to the wall making out with me, humping me and squeezing/pinching my ass. She was in the pushup bra and panties by the way. She wrapped my legs around her waist, put her hands under my ass, and lifted me up and carried me to her bed. She set me down on my back and straddles me, grinding against me, we made out like that for a long time before she gasps a little. I look down at my crotch and see that it’s slightly a shade darker than the rest of mt jeans- obviously because I was so wet. Mortified, I scrambled out from under her already apologizing, but she yanked me back down and pulled off my pants. She started stroking my pussy and reached under my shirt to take off my bra. Once I’m dripping through my panties, she unbuttoned my shirt enough to push aside a half and suck on my nipple, which is already hard as a nail. I moan and wrap my legs around her waist, she started making sucking noises with her mouth while she did it which turned me on so much I squirted right through my panties into her hand. She made a purring noise and ripped off my shirt, humping me me so hard I started breathing like a marathon runner. I took off her bra and started licking her breasts, biting gently at the tops, sucking on the hard nipples, and practically leaving hickeys on her there. She pulled my underwear off with her teeth, then licked my wetness off from my inner thighs and thrust her tongue into me, sucking on my pussy, sucking my wetness into her mouth and swallowing it right down her throat. I came about three times, she caught each load and suctioned it down like a pro. When she was done, she got in doggy position and I, eager to return the favor, slid under her and fucked her harder than before, she moaned and groaned and grunted and squirted and orgasmed and came so many times. When that was done, we lay next to each other naked and stroked each other’s pussys and breasts till we were dripping and rock hard. :3

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