Thursday, June 28, 2012

college girl dormitory sex story

Reminds me of college, when I had sex at a girls dorm room. We've done it many times in there, but one time her roommate came in. 
This girl frequently had guys over, and I knew one other guy that was banging her around the same time I was. The roommate didn't seem phased at all. I was on the edge of the bed, leaning back getting blown when she walked in. 
the roommate starts talking to my girl as she is still blowing me. my girl stops blowing me to start talking back to her about god knows what, and continues to jerk me off. 
After talking for about a minute, the roommate comes over and sits down on bed next to me. Still talking. I then said something to her along the lines of 'do you mind?' and she looks at me and said 'yes kinda, this is my bed and I don't want your cum on it'. 
the situation really got me dick to max hardness and I was near cumming. You know when you are so excited and hard that it almost hurts from the blood pressure? I'm thinking that my girl had just wiped my pre cum on her roomates pillow, not her own.
I yell that I'm going to cum and my girl starred to put her face near me as I shot all over. she did a good job containing it with both hands, but it was running down my dick and then balls, towards her conforter. The roomate sees this and cups my balls to stop the cum from going on her bed. she was mad, but I could see a smirk on my girls face as she ran to get tissues. she took only seconds but it felt like minutes. I joked with the roommate that she could wipe me off all the way if she wanted to make sure all the cum was gone, but that was a mistake. I forgot she was cupping my balls and she squeezed. my balls were compact from cumming and it hurt when she did that. my girl interveened and the roommate let go to clean herself up. the roommate pushes me off her bed and straightens it out. 
She told my girl in private something then left. my girl told her that they traded beds every once in a while and one time her roommate leeked her period in my girls bed after passing out from a party a month or so before. the roommate was a clean freak and spreading my cum on her bed, which I would usually spreay cum all over, was her way of getting her back without looking like she had a grudge.

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